Monday, 4 February 2013

VECA Vidyut Expo 2013

Federation of Electrical Contractors' Associations of Maharashtra: VECA Vidyut Expo 2013:  

Vidarbha  Electrical  Contractors’ Association has great pleasure in inviting you to  participate in the Largest Expo of Electrical Products in Central India  “VIDYUT EXPO 2013”. This will showcase Industrial Electrical, Automation, Power Plant, Transmission  and Distribution Sector Equipment, Generators, Motors, Solar Systems, Domestic Electrical Products, etc. This Expo will provide a great opportunity to explore business potential in Electrical sector in Central India.

Venue:  Kasturchand Park Ground, Nagpur.

Dates:  From 7th to 9th Feb’2013.

Organizer: Vidarbha Electrical Contractors’ Association, Nagpur.

Supported by: FECAM (Federation of Electrical Contractors’ Association of Maharashtra)

Saturday, 18 June 2011

History of Vidarbha Electrical Contractors’ Association

Electricity arrived in the city of Nagpur in the second decade of 20th century, initially work of electrification was undertaken by Govt. Departments, but slowly and gradually private agencies entered this field. Licensing was in vogue till 1945. Wartime experience forced the Government of India to introduce licensing system in all provinces. This gave a sense of belonging amongst Contractors, but small contractors were getting affected.

In order to protect the interest of the small Electrical Contractors, Mr. N.S. Karkhanis, Proprietor of Provincial Electrical Co. along with some other contractors took courage and initiative in forming Electrical Contractors Association in the year 1947. This Association was registered on 15th May 1947 before independence of our country.

The first constructive work taken up by the Association was to start and run a technical school to train wireman on syllabus prescribed by the State Government. The Certificate of this Institute was recognized and wireman’s license was issued without test, on the strength of this certificate. Later on, when licensing Board was established and regular examinations were conducted this Institute was derecognized and closed down. The Vidarbha Electrical Contractors’ Association was given representation on the Licensing Board of the State Government immediately after its formation and Mr. G. G. Katyan was the first nominee.

In the year 1956, bifurcation of old Madhya Pradesh took place. Vidarbha became part of the bilingual State of Bombay. Though the State Reorganisation Act assured continuation of all facilities and privileges enjoyed in the previous state, the State Govt. of Bombay did not accept catagories of contractors for licensing which were acceptable by the old Madhya Pradesh Govt. After a long debate and with great efforts by the Association, Govt. of Bombay relented and a compromise formula was devised whereby the grade “Vidarbha Electrical Supervisors” came into existence. However, the area of operation was limited to Vidarbha region only. This Association continued its fight against this provision and with unstinted efforts of Board Member Shri. D. K. Tidke and all other members. The Vidarbha Supervisors were awarded Maharashtra status in the year 1964.

The State of Bombay and later on, the State of Maharashtra consistently insisted that representatives on the Licensing Board should be Electrical Engineering graduates only. The Association objected to this provision and took up the matter with the Govt. After a continuous struggle of 20 years the Govt. of Maharashtra scrapped this provision and special GR was issued in January 1973 allowing any member of the association to be on the Licensing Board.

The Association has all along safeguard the common interest of electrical contracting community and appropriate representation at The Licensing Board and other Govt. Departments. The biggest achievement of this association is renewal of Electrical Contractors License after every 3 years. Also this association has taken all the efforts to form a Federation of Electrical Contractors Associations of Maharashtra in the year 1999-2000 having its first President Mr. Ashok Kriplani from this Association and after 12 years this Association has chosen Mr. Ashok Tijare to lead the FECAM.

It is indeed a land mark in the history of “The Vidarbha Electrical Contractors’ Association to have completed 64 years of purposeful and meaningful existence in the service of the contracting community. The journey and passage has been quite trying and painful. However achievements have been rewarding and satisfying.

The Association celebrated its Diamond Jubilee in the year 2007. From the year 2008 this association has started felicitating meritorious wards of Electrical Contractors and their parents, encouraging them to become responsible citizen of our Nation and lend a helping hand in its growth, also organized the Electrical Safety Week. Over the years this association is organizing “Test Equip” (Exhibition & Seminar) at Nagpur and made their best efforts to match “MINI ELECRAMA” standards which has bore fruits and as a result leading Multinational companies are participating in these events. This year we have organized “MAHA ADHIVATION” of all licensed Electrical Contractors of Maharashtra at Shegaon in the month of March with the help of Buldana District Electrical Contractors Association and got good response from the electrical contractors’ fraternity.

(Submitted by Ashok Tijare)